Hot Oil Heater Recommended Spare Parts

CEI recommends these critical spare parts for your hot oil heater

The best spare parts to keep on-hand for your hot oil heater

If you have a CEI hot oil heater, here is a list of parts we'd recommend for you to have in your inventory when you need them. These are spare parts and components that are critical to preventing heater shut-downs or substantial down-time:

  1. Spare hot oil pump. If you need to pull your current pump off-line for rebuild or repair, you'll have a backup ready to keep the heater running.
  2. Pump rebuild kit
  3. Flame safeguard controller. CEI now uses the Fireye YB-110. We have closed out our stock of old E-110 controllers and components. If your heater has an old E-110, you might consider one of our retrofit / upgrade kits.
  4. Display module. This optional module for the YB-110 provides heater status information at a glance.
  5. YP-138 programmer card. The YB-110 won't work without it.
  6. Flame scanner
  7. Temperature controller
  8. High media temperature controller
  9. Modulation motor. Controls the fuel & air intake for the burner.
  10. Linkage ball joints. Needed to connect the modulation motor to the burner.
  11. Fuel / gas solenoid
  12. Gas valve actuator
  13. High / low gas pressure switch
  14. Gas pressure gauge
  15. Fuel pump
  16. Fuel pump coupling
  17. Regulating oil valve
  18. Check valve
  19. Fuel pressure gauge
  20. Burner nozzle

This list assumes a heater with a combination gas/oil burner. For oil-fired burners, the gas components won't be necessary, etc. With these critical parts on-hand, you'll save on freight charges and minimize down-time.

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