Maintenance Agreement Program

Maintenance Agreement Program M.A.P. Brochure PDF

CEI Maintenance Agreement Program

Save Money: Get your plant on the M.A.P.

  • 20% off labor
  • 20% off travel rate
  • 5% off maintenance parts
  • Billing when work is completed

Take advantage of this cost-saving preventive maintenance program to keep your plant equipment running smoothly, at reduced labor and travel rates from CEI.

How does it work?

By scheduling pre-planned service visits for specified equipment at your plant and plants in your area, we are able to reduce our own travel expenses and shipping costs. We then pass those savings on to you, in the form of reduced labor and travel rates.

It’s the time-honored principle of saving money by planning ahead.

The CEI Maintenance Agreement Program is a comprehensive way to provide your company with a proactive approach to heater maintenance, thus increasing both “up-time” and productivity.

M.A.P. benefits include:

  • Complete heater inspection
  • Heater tuning
  • Complete check & verification of heater safety circuits
  • Replacement of wear-prone items
  • Filter replacement (where applicable)
  • Verification of fuel supply and operation
  • Circulation pump inspection
  • Documentation of efficiency/combustion analysis and any issues found
  • Repairs performed at the same time of inspection/tuning are billed at the same discounted labor rate
  • Multiple year analysis of equipment to identify trends and spot problems
  • Thermal oil sampling and analysis is available at a discounted rate

Discounted labor rate, travel rate and parts discounts are all included. In return for all this, we require flexibility with scheduling so that we may work with other customers in your region to make the best use of our time and keep costs down for you.