Vertical Helical Coil Heaters

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Vertical Helical Coil Heaters:

Vertical helical coil heaters occupy a relatively small ground footprint, allowing placement of a higher-output heater in a confined space where a horizontal heater of the same output may be too large. Many options are available. All heaters can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Vertical Helical Coil Heater
Vertical helical coil heater.

Asphalt Booster Heaters:

Asphalt Booster Heaters are a variation of the vertical helical coil heater design. Liquid asphalt is pumped through the coil, where it is heated in the same manner as a two-pass hot oil heater.

Booster heaters are used at bulk storage terminals to boost the temperature of liquid asphalt as it is pumped into a tanker truck for delivery to end users. This allows the terminal to store liquid asphalt at lower temperatures, yet still provide delivery at or near usage temperatures.

Asphalt Booster Heater
Vertical asphalt booster heater.